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Published on: June 9, 2012

The Dream

Oh how the lottery treats us so bad.  Going through life and never hitting that elusive jackpot.  How many times a week do you sit at the office and dream of winning it all?  How often do you talk to your friends about buying that new house and car, paying off your school loans, and taking unlimited trips around the world after you win the lottery?  And then at the end of the week still find yourself driving to work, living paycheck to paycheck, and never getting ahead.

Culture Change

The lottery is changing the culture around the World.  In the United States, the Mega Millions and the Powerball are hitting 9 digits on a regular basis.  People are now including the purchase of lottery tickets in their budgets, like the lottery is a necessity, comparable to food and water.  And why shouldn’t people put aside a little something for a ticket?  Grabbing a quick pick for a couple dollars for a chance at retirement for your family equals a no-brainer.

Ways To Win The LotteryReal People Do Win

The lottery is real, it’s a craze, and it can and has changed people’s lives forever.  When those drawings go over 100 million dollars, you can feel the buzz in the city because someone has got to win it.  Real people do win the lottery, so why not us?  The majority of lotto players often purchase quick picks before the next lottery drawing, because it is convenient.  There are some people who choose to play their own numbers, which in my opinion is the way to go.

Lottery Systems

Playing your own chosen numbers makes me think about all the hysteria about online lottery systems.  In particular, I came across this website called the Silver Lotto System.  The Silver Lottery System was built by a lottery mogul guy called Ken Silver.  After doing a little research, it’s evident that Ken has won the lottery multiple times and wants to share some of his lottery techniques with the public for a small fee.

Is there really a blueprint out there that can teach us how to win the lottery?  Is there truly another option to playing the lottery other than buying a quick pick at the local market or gas station?  With all the money to be had in the lottery, maybe it’s time to investigate into new lottery strategies and other ways to win the lottery.

Apparently, the Silver Lotto System has a great track record, proven by the comments and evidence provided by multiple users of the system.  One of the highlights of the system is that it works for most lottery systems around the world.  One thing I did appreciate is the fact that Ken did not guarantee you would win the jackpot with this system, but increase your chances to win.  This system will provide you with a guide to choosing your lottery numbers.

If you’re striking out on the lottery and want to increase your chances to win, it can’t hurt to learn more about the Silver Lottery System.

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